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Update: 9/27/2011********************
please visit : for continuation of this project.
next release is planned for end of 2011 and it would contain support for Slim, & better continuous build integration

Project Description
A command line tool for running automation and acceptance test.

Available Plugins are:

1) QAPro.Test.Fitnesse v1.0
Support for running fitnesse test cases without having the need of fitnesse server running. This TestCommander add-in can run the fitnesse server based test cases locally. This add-in help greatly for developers run all the fitnesse test cases easy and faster before checkin the code. This can be well integrated with build environments.

Installation Notes:-

This plugin tested with .net 2.0 fit.dll available from
For to download fitnesse framework visit:

1. download the preview release
2. unzip all the files to a where you like
3. copy your copy of fit.dll into add-ins\fitnesse directory
4. setup is done.




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